College Advising

If you're a SMArts Member looking to make the most out of the college application process, you may be interested in our personalized College Advising sessions. These 1-on-1 meetings with Nancy, the TAP program coordinator, cover a wide range of topics, including Common App navigation, methods of writing a standout college essay, tricks to ace interviews, and ways of maximizing financial aid. We'll also explore campus tours, art supplements, recommendation letters, standardized testing prep, and more, ensuring that you're fully prepared for whatever comes your way. 

It's an amazing opportunity to get ahead, so don't miss out - sign up for College Advising today! 

Students can meet with Nancy online via her College Advising Zoom 1-on-1s page, or meet in person at the TCNJ Barnes and Noble. To meet in person, students should email Nancy ([email protected]) for the current semester’s College Advising form. 

If a student needs to cancel a session, they should let Nancy know 2-3 days ahead of time via the TAP number at (833) 744-0390 or her email.


Available to each student is the SMArts College Student Tracker. This document has different tabs for the different parts of the college application. Examples are provided at the top of each page to guide the students throughout the spreadsheet. However, this sheet is also designed to be personalized by students as needed. If you want to add a sheet for clubs you want to join, or the available fly-in programs, or interview dates that you've booked, you can make sections just for that!

The link is view only, so to access it, students must make a copy of the master document and rename it. If students choose to give Nancy access to their sheet via email, she can review their work.

Our Applying to College slideshow has information about the components of a college application. There are also links in the slides that you can click on for more information.

Meeting sign-ups with Nancy can be done through her College Advising Zoom 1-on-1s link or in the In-Person meeting document.