College Advising

College Advising is an opportunity for SMArts Members to meet with Nancy Agosto, the TAP program coordinator, for 1-on-1 meetings about the college application process. The subjects covered include Common App navigation, Campus Tours, Essays, Art Supplements, Interviews, FAQs, Financial Aid, References, Scholarships, Standardized Testing, Timeline Overviews, and any other specific questions students might have. 

There are opportunities for students to meet online, as well as in-person at the TCNJ Barnes and Noble. For an online meeting, students can sign up at the College Advising Zoom 1-on-1s page. To meet in person, students can email Nancy ([email protected]) for the current semester’s form.

If a student needs to cancel a session, they should email Nancy preferably 2-3 days ahead of time.


Available to each student is the SMArts College Student Tracker. This document has multiple tabs for the different parts of the college application. There are examples at the top of each page in order to guide students on how to utilize the spreadsheet. That being said, this is a form for students to personalize as needed! Students can make a copy of the master doc and rename it. From here, Nancy can review your sheet once you give her access using her email.

Our Applying to College slideshow has basic information about the college process and the different components that would go into applying. There are also links in the slides that you can click on for more information.

Meeting sign-ups with Nancy can be done through her Zoom appointment link or in the In-Person meeting document.