Alan Wilkins

Teacher Partner, Trenton Youth Singers

Alan C. Wilkins is a New Jersey Music Educator in Trenton, teaching at the historic Hedgepeth/Williams M.S. of the Arts. He has been teaching for five years and enjoys making an impact in the lives of his students everyday. He believes in bringing real world experiences into the music classroom for an authentic learning experience.

In addition to being an educator Alan is a musician always seeking to inspire the diverse population of music lovers. Alan's musical background is just as diverse as the population that enjoys his music; his music is influenced from jazz, inspirational, funk, rock, and his deep roots in gospel music.

Recently, he has formed a new group named The Wilkins’ Trio, which hosts features on guitar, piano, or vocals. In addition to this commitment Alan is also associated with Brassanity Hornz (who has performed with many well-known artists), and Freshfire, who is currently working on their next album. Alan's skills coupled with his charismatic nature has created opportunities for him to collaborate with amazing artists and he continues to do so.