Charlotte Defriez

Student Leader, Trenton Youth Orchestra
Class of 2026

Charlotte Defriez is a sophomore from London, England, hoping to study philosophy with a minor in the humanities. She has been playing the violin since she was four years old, and developed a love for chamber music through her involvement in quartets and orchestras over the years.  She has been teaching violin for over five years, and is excited to continue doing so in her role as the TYO student leader this year. Outside TYO, Charlotte is an avid member of Princeton University Sinfonia,  and also works at Richardson Auditorium, where she has the privilege of exploring all that goes on musically around campus. She spent her most recent summer studying in Copenhagen and subsequently interning at a school in Boston, where she also worked on her personal goal of reading at least five works by her favorite author, Virginia Woolf. Beyond academics and music, Charlotte loves going on walks, especially with her dogs, reading a book, and finding new places to explore! You might find her studying in East Pyne, her favourite campus building, or huddling around coffee and cookies with friends in the Murray-Dodge Cafe. She is looking forward to continuing to expand the TYO community and seeing all that can be accomplished this year!