Jamie Goodwin

Director, Trenton Youth Theater

Jamie Goodwin, hailing from Cherry Hill, NJ, is a 2022 Princeton graduate. Majoring in philosophy with a minor in theater, her passion has always been for ideas and art-making. At the heart of both these passions lies her deep desire to create pockets of justice and restorative community even in a deeply unjust and oppressive world. For this reason, she is particularly drawn to devised and experimental theater-making, which she believes allows one to explore complex ideas through collaborative and anti-hierarchal artistic praxis. While at Princeton, she received the Toni Morrison Prize and the Award for Innovation in Theater Making for her senior thesis show, entitled Somebody: Infinite Identities, Troubled Wholeness and the Search for Self, a devised theatrical performance that tackled the complex reality of living in a marginalized body through poem, story, and movement. In addition to her time in theater, in 2020 she co-founded and led an education initiative in her hometown which attempted to reframe educational inequities through the lens of oppressive systems and ideologies, and ultimately support her community to become better questioners and dreamers. She is super excited to return to Princeton as the new Trenton Youth Theater director and is looking forward to creating, learning, and growing alongside the SMArts community.